Original paper

Some chroococcalean and oscillatorialean Cyanoprokaryotes from southern African lakes, ponds and pools

Komárek, Jiří; Cronberg, Gertrud

Nova Hedwigia Band 73 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 129 - 160

34 references

published: Aug 31, 2001

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This article is the first part (Chroococcales and Oscillatoriales) of a study of little known planktic and metaphytic cyanoprokaryotes (cyanophytes, cyanobacteria) from ponds, lakes and water reservoirs in southern Africa. Thirty-three species were observed, of which 24 are presented with comments. Ten new species are defined, and one species, originally described as a taxonomic form, is recombined to the specific level. Our results demonstrate the specificity of southern African cyanobacterial microflora.


CyanoprokaryotesCyanobacteriacyanophytesphytoplanktonmetaphytontropicssubtropicssouthern AfricaChroococcalesOscillatoriales