Factors influencing bryophyte species richness and populations in urban environments: a case study

Hohenwallner, Daniela; Zechmeister, Harald G.

Nova Hedwigia Band 73 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 87 - 96

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veröffentlicht: Aug 31, 2001

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The bryophyte flora of the centre of Vienna was recorded in 1998. 218 sampling sites were chosen by a stratified random sampling design based on infra-red pictures taken by remote sensing. At each sampling site substrates, species richness as well as population vitality and mode of propagation were investigated. Data were analysed at the local and the district scale. Species richness was correlated with substrate diversity and with the number of habitats and the size of vegetation areas for districts. Based on habitat and climatic changes within the last two hundred years, current observations were compared with historic data. Habitat and substrate diversity were the most influential parameters on species richness and population vitality of bryophytes in Vienna. Environmental pollutants seem to be of minor importance to species richness and distribution of bryophyte populations.


Bryophytesbiodiversityhabitat and substrate diversityViennaurban development