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The distribution of the family Erythropeltidaceae (Rhodophyta) along the temperate Southern African coast, with the description of Erythrotrichia platyphylla nov. spec.

Stegenga, H.; Engledow, H. R.; Bolton, J. J.; Anderson, R. J.

Nova Hedwigia Band 73 Heft 3-4 (2001), p. 367 - 379

33 references

published: Dec 3, 2001

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Erythrotrichia platyphylla is described as new to science from the South African south coast; it is a relatively broad foliaceous species with a uniseriate stipe and a single endophytic basal cell. Its taxonomic relationships to other (foliaceous) Erythrotrichia species are discussed. Erythrocladia irregularis is recorded from the central Namibian coast, a first record for temperate southern Africa. An overview is given of the distribution of all members of the family Erythropeltidaceae now recognised in this area (nine species in five genera): the warm temperate south coast appears to be somewhat richer in species than the cool temperate west coast, a situation that reflects both the general trend in southern African marine algal biodiversity and the general pattern of geographical distribution of the Erythropeltidaceae world wide.


biogeographyErythropeltidaceaeErythrotrichia platyphylla nov. spec.RhodophytaSouthern Africa