Original paper

Revision of Cercospora species described by K.B. Boedijn

Braun, Uwe

Nova Hedwigia Band 73 Heft 3-4 (2001), p. 419 - 436

6 references

published: Dec 3, 2001

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Type material of Cercospora spp. described by K. B. Boedijn was re-examined, and the species concerned were reassessed based on modern generic concepts in cercosporoid hyphomycetes. Cercospora amorphophallicola sp. nov. and Stenella pseudoramularia sp. nov. are described and the following new combinations and new names are proposed: Pseudocercospora abricola comb. nov., P. cinchonicola comb. nov., P. combretigena nom. nov., P. evodiicola comb. nov., P. hedychii comb. nov., P. micheliae comb. nov., P. boedijniana nom. nov., P. nicolaiae comb. nov., P. premnicola comb. nov., P. rademacherae comb. nov., P. stemonae comb. nov., Stenella extremorum comb. nov. and S. schefflerae comb. nov.