Original paper

The genus Nemania (Xylariaceae)

Ju, Yu-Ming; Rogers, Jack D.

Nova Hedwigia Band 74 Heft 1-2 (2002), p. 75 - 120

published: Feb 1, 2002

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2002/0074-0075

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Thirty-seven taxa are accepted in Nemania. Four species are newly described, including N. macrocarpa, N. maritima, N. subaenea, and N. venezuelensis. Seventeen new combinations are proposed: N. aenea var. aureolutea, N. aenea var. macrospora, N. angusta, N. beaumontii, N. caries, N. chestersii var. microspora, N. chrysoconia, N. circostoma, N. creoleuca, N. kellermanii, N. latissima, N. maculosa, N. nummularioides, N. quadrata, N. ravenelii, N. serpens var. colliculosa, and N. serpens var. hydnicola. Dichotomous keys to xylariaceous genera that are likely to be confused with Nemania and to the accepted Nemania taxa are provided. A list of known names of Nemania and its synonyms is included. Three tables are included that compare names used in the present study and their equivalents in previous important studies on Nemania. A new combination, Euepixylon sphaeriostomum, is proposed for Hypoxylon sphaeriostomum.