Original paper

The genus Cheilolejeunea (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae) in China

Zhu, Rui-Liang So; Ling Wang, You-Fang

Nova Hedwigia Band 75 Heft 3-4 (2002), p. 387 - 408

published: Nov 1, 2002

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2002/0075-0387

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Cheilolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae; Hepaticae) in China is reviewed taxonomically. Twenty species of the genus are recognized and two of them, Cheilolejeunea serpentina (Mitt.) Mizut. and C. verrucosa Steph., are newly recorded in the country. Cheilolejeunea longiloba (Steph. ex G.Hoffm.) J.J.Engel & B.C.Tan is proposed as a synonym of C. imbricata (Nees) S.Hatt. owing to the presence of numerous intermediates between the two. The lectotype of Strepsilejeunea gomphocalyx Herzog is designated. Cheilolejeunea rigidula (Nees ex Mont.) R.M.Schust. is excluded from China. A key to subgenera and species in China is provided.


cheilolejeunea longilobac rigidulac serpentinac verrucosalectotype