Original paper

Cymbellaceae and Gomphonemataceae (Bacillariophyta) from the Hengduan Mountains region (southwestern China)

Li, Yanling; Xie, Ping; Gong, Zhijun; Shi, Zhixin

Nova Hedwigia Band 76 Heft 3-4 (2003), p. 507 - 536

published: May 1, 2003

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2003/0076-0507

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We present a species list of the Gomphonemataceae and Cymbellaceae occurring in the Hengduan Mountains region. These two families were found to be presented in the area by 117 species, varieties and forms belonging to four genera (Amphora, Cymbella, Didymosphenia and Gomphonema). Size, striae density, habitat and distribution in China are given for each taxon. The common taxa were Cymbella aequalis var. pisciculus, C. affinis, C. cesatii, C. cistula var. gibbosa, C. delicatula, C. gracilis, C. hustedtii, C. minuta f. latens, C. minuta var. silesiaca, C. naviculiformis, C. parva, C. turgidula, Gomphonema acuminatum var. acuminatum, G. gracile, G. intricatum, G. olivaceum, G. parvulum and G. truncatum var. capitatum. Some morphological features of Cymbella cistula var. capitata, Cymbella sinica var. miyiensis, Gomphonema hedinii and G. kaznakowii were found to differ from previously published descriptions. Taxa typical of high latitude climates encountered during the present study were Cymbella affinis, C. alpina, C. cistula var. cistula, C. delicatula, C. naviculiformis, Didymosphenia geminata, Gomphonema acuminatum var. pusillum, G. constrictum var. capitatum f. turgidum, G. kaznakowii, G. olivaceum, G. subtile var. subtile, G. tergestinum and G. ventricosum.


bacillariophytacymbellaceaegomphonemataceaehengduan mountains regionchina