Original paper

New or interesting Laboulbeniales (Fungi, Ascomycota) from Spain, V

Santamaria, Sergi

Nova Hedwigia Band 82 Heft 3-4 (2006), p. 349 - 363

published: May 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0082-0349

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Seven new species of Laboulbeniales parasitizing beetles (Coleoptera) are described: Corethromyces hernandoi and C. obscuristipes on Medon sp. (Staphylinidae), Eucantharomyces philorhizicola and E. rugatus on Philorhizus crucifer confusus (Carabidae), Eusynaptomyces cornutus on Hydrobius fuscipes (Hydrophilidae), Hydrophilomyces aduncus on Ochthebius dilatatus (Hydraenidae), and Monoicomyces myllaenae on Myllaena elongata (Staphylinidae). In addition, four other Laboulbeniales are reported. Arthrorhynchus nycteribiae is confirmed for Spain and the structure of its rhizoidal haustorium is described. The remaining three species are new records for Spain: Stigmatomyces borbori, S. canzonerii, and S. ceratophorus; the first two are second world records because the taxa were only known from type collections, from Cameroon and Senegal, respectively. Spanish Se describen siete especies nuevas de Laboulbeniales parásitas de coleópteros: Corethromyces hernandoi y C. obscuristipes sobre Medon sp. (Staphylinidae), Eucantharomyces philorhizicola y E. rugatus sobre Philorhizus crucifer confusus (Carabidae), Eusynaptomyces cornutus sobre Hydrobius fuscipes (Hydrophilidae), Hydrophilomyces aduncus sobre Ochthebius dilatatus (Hydraenidae), y Monoicomyces myllaenae sobre Myllaena elongata (Staphylinidae). Además se citan otras cuatro especies de Laboulbeniales. Se confirma la presencia de Arthrorhynchus nycteribiae para España y se describe la estructura de su haustorio rizoidal. Las tres especies restantes son primeras citas para España: Stigmatomyces borbori, S. canzonerii, y S. ceratophorus; las dos primeras son segundas citas mundiales pues sólo eran conocidas por sus colecciones tipo, del Camerún y Senegal, respectivamente.