Original paper

Taxonomic and morphometric comments on Macromitrium blumei, M. zollingeri and M. annamense (Orthotrichaceae, Bryophyta)

Guo, Shui-Liang Tan; Virtanen, Viivi

Nova Hedwigia Band 82 Heft 3-4 (2006), p. 467 - 482

published: May 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0082-0467

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Macromitrium zollingeri Mitt. ex Bosch & Sande Lac. and M. blumei Nees ex Schwägrichen are two confusing taxa, and M. annamense Broth. & Paris is a poorly known species. In the present paper, Cluster Analysis and Principle Component Analysis were applied to evaluate the taxonomic distinctiveness of these three species based on eleven character indices of morphology of leaves and setae sampled from three type specimens and 38 other specimens preserved at H-BR and H. The results showed: 1) Macromitrium zollingeri is better recombined as M. blumei var. zollingeri, which differs from M. blumei var. blumei in having longer leaf with longer awn, and a ligulate leave shape with higher ratio of leaf length/leaf width; 2) Macromtirum annamense is proposed to be a new synonym of M. blumei var. zollingeri.


nomenclaturemacromtriumnew combinationmacromitrium annamensemacromitrium blumeimacromitrium zollingerisynonymcluster analysisprinciple component analysis