Original paper

Luticola higleri sp. nov., a new diatom species from King George Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)

Vande Vijver, Bart; Van Dam, Herman; Beyens, Louis

Nova Hedwigia Band 82 Heft 1-2 (2006), p. 69 - 79

published: Feb 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0082-0069

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Luticola higleri nov. sp. is described from the Antarctic King George Island (South Shetland Islands). The detailed morphology of this taxon is examined using both light and scanning electron microscopy and compared with similar species. The main morphological features include the presence of a distinct number of poroid rows, the relatively simple raphe structure and the small stigma. This new taxon is so far only recorded from samples taken from both mosses and mud pools, near the Bellingshausen area on King George Island. Based on its typical features, the species clearly belongs to the genus Luticola although several characters might point to an intermediate or transitional position between Luticola and Diadesmis.