Original paper

Zygodon catarinoi (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida), a new epiphytic species from the Western Mediterranean Basin

Garcia, C. Lara

Nova Hedwigia Band 82 Heft 1-2 (2006), p. 247 - 256

published: Feb 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0082-0247

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A new species of Zygodon, Z. catarinoi C. Garcia, F. Lara, Sérgio & Sim-Sim is described and illustrated. The new moss has been found in different types of Mediterranean woods from the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. It is a small epiphytic moss, characterized by its very irregular - both in shape and size - upper leaf cells, that are superficially prominent, with 1-2(3) tall, erect or bent papillae per cell. These papillae usually give a spiculate appearance to the leaf-lamina which, in addition, has another highly distinctive character: scattered or dense bistratose, rarely tristratose, patches. The separation of the new species from Z. rupestris Schimp. ex Lorentz, as well as some ecological and biogeographical details are discussed.


mosseszygodon rupestrisepiphytic bryophyteswestern mediterraneanmoroccoportugalspain