Original paper

Type studies on Neotropical Lejeuneaceae (Jungermanniopsida). Cheilolejeunea and Lepidolejeunea

Reiner-Drehwald, M. Elena

Nova Hedwigia Band 83 Heft 3-4 (2006), p. 473 - 482

published: Nov 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0083-0473

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Based on the examination of type material and additional collections, the following new combinations and synonyms in Lejeuneaceae from tropical America are proposed:Cheilolejeunea beyrichii (Lindenb.) E. Reiner comb. nov. (Lejeunea beyrichii Lindenb., = Hygrolejeunea petropolitana Steph., = H. peruviana Steph.), Cheilolejeunea compacta (Steph.) E. Reiner comb. nov. (Hygrolejeunea compacta Steph.), Cheilolejeunea clausa (Nees & Mont.) R. M. Schust. (= Hygrolejeunea boliviana Steph.), Cheilolejeunea sp. (= Lejeunea elegans Gottsche, = Lejeunea repens Taylor), Cheilolejeunea sp. (= Lejeunea trochantha Spruce), Lepidolejeunea cordifissa (Taylor) E. Reiner comb. nov. (Lejeunea cordifissa Taylor, = Lejeunea pentotantha Spruce, = Lepidolejeunea ornata [Robins.] R. M. Schust.), Lepidolejeunea sullivantii (Gottsche) E. Reiner comb. nov. ( Lejeunea sullivantii Gottsche, = Lepidolejeunea spongia [Spruce] Thiers), Lepidolejeunea eluta (Nees) R. M. Schust. (= Lejeunea pastasensis Spruce, = Hygrolejeunea planiloba Steph.), Lepidolejeunea involuta (Gottsche) Grolle (= Lejeunea dominicensis Nees & Mont., = Lejeunea cuspidata Gottsche, = Lejeunea orba Gottsche, = Lejeunea frangibilis Spruce, = Lejeunea undulata Lindenb. & Gottsche). Comments, lectotypifications, descriptions and illustrations for some taxa are included.


cheilolejeuneahygrolejeunealejeunealepidolejeunealejeuneaceaetropical americalectotypificationtaxonomysynonymy