Original paper

Anthracoidea mulenkoi (Ustilaginomycetes), a new cypericolous smut fungus from Pakistan

Piątek, Marcin

Nova Hedwigia Band 83 Heft 1-2 (2006), p. 109 - 116

published: Aug 1, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2006/0083-0109

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Anthracoidea mulenkoi is described and illustrated as a new species from Burzil Chowki in Kashmir, Pakistan. This species parasitizes Kobresia capillifolia belonging to Kobresia sect. Elyna (Cyperaceae). It differs from two other species of Anthracoidea known on representatives of sect. Elyna in having quite different ornamentation of spores. The possible occurrence of Anthracoidea mulenkoi in other regions of Asia is discussed. A key for eight Anthracoidea species on Kobresia is provided.


new speciestaxonomypakistanasiakobresia