Original paper

Tortula grandiretis Broth. (Pottiaceae), an Irano-Turanian moss new to Iraq and further novelties from the Near and Middle East Towards a bryophyte flora of the Near and Middle East, 4

Kürschner, Harald; Frey, Wolfgang


Tortula grandiretis Broth. (Pottiaceae), a rare species of Mesogean (Irano-Turanian) origin, known at present only from four localities in Central Asia and from one record from Turkey, is recorded from Erbil, northern Iraq. A further16 mosses are added for the Near and Middle East, five each for Afghanistan, Iran, and Lebanon, respectively and a further two new to Iraq. All records complement our knowledge of bryodiversity of the region and close gaps in the hitherto known distributional ranges.


afghanistanbryophyte floradistributiongenoelementiraniraqlebanon