Original paper

Wrightoporia (Basidiomycota, Aphyllophorales) in China

Cui, Bao-Kai; Dai, Yu-Cheng


A new species, Wrightoporia luteola (Basidiomycota, Aphyllophorales), collected from northern, central and eastern China, is described and illustrated. It is characterized by an annual growth habit, resupinate and soft corky basidiocarps, buff-yellow pore surface, small pores (5-8 per mm), inflated skeletal hyphae in subiculum, and by small echinulate and distinctly amyloid basidiospores. An identification key to the 5 known Chinese species of Wrightoporia is provided along with a synoptic description of each species. Amylonotus tenuis is a synonym of Pycnoporus sanguineus.


polyporetaxonomywood-inhabiting fungi