Original paper

Taxonomy and distribution of Cheilolejeunea krakakammae (Lejeuneaceae, Jungermanniopsida, Marchantiophyta), with a description and illustrations of Cheilolejeunea laevicalyx from Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador

Zhu, Rui-Liang


Cheilolejeunea comitans (Hook.f. & Taylor) R.M.Schust. previously endemic to Australia and New Zealand and C. khasiana (Mitt.) N.Kitag. widespread in East Asia and the Himalaya are proposed as synonyms of the African C.krakakammae (Lindenb.) R.M.Schust. Cheilolejeunea krakakammae is newly reported for Hainan (China), Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka. Cheilolejeunea laevicalyx (J.B.Jack & Steph.) Grolle, a little known species in Bolivia and Colombia, is closely related to C. krakakammae. However, the former differs in the wider ventral merophyte of the stem (3-5 cells wide in well developed stems), truncate or retuse apex of the perianth which usually lacks a distinct beak, and the first tooth of the leaf lobule mostly developed, forming a distinct bulge of 2-3 cells. A thorough description and illustrations of Cheilolejeunea krakakammae and C. laevicalyx are provided. A lectotype is designated for the name of Strepsilejeunea georgensis S.Arnell.


cheilolejeunea comitanscheilolejeunea khasianacheilolejeunea krakakammaecheilolejeunea laevicalyxecuadorlejeuneaceaeoil bodiespapua new guineasri lanka