Original paper

Orthotrichum galiciae (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida), a new species from Ethiopia

Lara, F.; Garilleti, R.; Mazimpaka, V.


A new epiphytic Orthotrichum species (O. galiciae F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka) is described from highlands of Simien Mountains, Northern Ethiopia. The new species is placed in the subgenus Gymnoporus (Braithw.) Limpr., section Leiocarpa Mol., and is proposed on the basis of the following character combination: leaves ovate-lanceolate with widely revolute margins, capsules emergent and slightly furrowed, exostome with 8 pairs of roughly papillose teeth, endostome formed by 8 tall, triangular-subulate, roughly papillose segments, and spores 14-19 ?m in diameter.


eastern africalobelia rhynchopetalamossesorthotrichum affinesimien mountains