Original paper

Type studies of three tomentelloid species (Basidiomycota, Thelephorales): Tomentella radiosa, Tomentella cinereoumbrina and Tomentella punicea

Yorou, Nourou; Soulemane Agerer, Reinhard

Nova Hedwigia Band 85 Heft 3-4 (2007), p. 521 - 539

published: Nov 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2007/0085-0521

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This paper presents additional anatomical descriptions of T. radiosa, T. cenereoumbrina and T. punicea based on their holotype. For each species, original iconographies and anatomical features are presented and discussed in details. Similarities and differences between closest species are highlighted. ITS rDNA sequenceś similarities and phylogenetic relationship between T. radiosa and Thelephora terrestris are reported. This paper confirms the presence of skeletals and binding-like hyphae on the rhizomorphs of T. punicea.


anatomyrhizomorphal structurestomentella radiosat. cinereoumbrinat. punicea