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Planktic cyanobacteria from freshwater localities in Thuathien-Hue province, Vietnam. I. Morphology and distribution

Nguyen, Lien; Thi Thu Cronberg, Gertrud; Larsen, Jacob; Moestrup, Ø jvind

Nova Hedwigia Band 85 Heft 1-2 (2007), p. 1 - 34

published: Aug 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2007/0085-0001

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This study describes and illustrates the cyanobacteria from the Huong River, Hoamy Reservoir, and a number of smaller water bodies in the vicinity of the city of Hue, Vietnam. With 60 net samples collected, thirty-three species were recorded, eighteen of which are reported from Vietnam for the first time. They are: Coelosphaerium aerugineum, Merismopedia cantonensis, Merismopedia hyalina, Microcystis botrys, Microcystis panniformis, Microcystis protocystis, Microcystis wesenbergii, Jaaginema sp., Pseudanabaena cf. moniliformis, Planktothrix isothrix, Planktothrix zahidii, Planktothricoides attenuata, Arthrospira massartii, Lyngbya sp., Anabaena viguieri, Anabaena laxa, Raphidiopsis mediterranea and Hapalosiphon cf. delicatulus. Of the total of 33 species, 49% are cosmopolitan, 42% are tropical and subtropical, and 6% are temperate species.