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Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 9. Meteoriaceae (Musci) I. Chrysocladium, Duthiella, Meteorium, Pseudospiridentopsis, Toloxis, and Trachypodopsis, with identification key for Meteoriaceae in Hunan

Huttunen, Sanna

Nova Hedwigia Band 86 Heft 3-4 (2008), p. 367 - 399

published: May 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2008/0086-0367

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The bryophyte flora of Hunan province, China, includes 15 genera and 28 species belonging to the family Meteoriaceae. Excursions by the Department of Ecology and Systematics and the Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki, to Hunan Province, China, revealed 26 species belonging to this family. This paper deals with 6 genera including 10 species: Chrysocladium M. Fleisch. with Chrysocladium retrorsum (Mitt.) M.Fleisch., Duthiella Broth. with Duthiella flaccida (Cardot) Broth., D. speciosissima Cardot, and D. wallichii (Mitt.) Müll.Hal., Meteorium (Brid.) Dozy & Molk. with Meteorium papillarioides Nog., M. atrovariegatum Cardot & Thériot, and M. subpolytrichum (Besch.) Broth., Pseudospiridentopsis (Broth.) M.Fleisch. with Pseudospiridentopsis horrida (Cardot) M.Fleisch., Toloxis W.R. Buck with Toloxis semitorta (Müll.Hal.) W.R. Buck, and Trachypodopsis M.Fleisch. with Trachypodopsis serrulata (P. Beauv.) M.Fleisch. Of the 26 species found in Hunan during our excursions, 16 species are reported here as new to Hunan. Floribundaria intermedia Thériot is excluded from the Hunanese bryophyte flora. This paper provides descriptions, information on distribution and ecology in Hunan, and discussions on their relationships for these 10 species, an identification key deals with all 26 Hunanese Meteoriaceae species where material was available.