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On Inflatolejeunea, Lejeunea species with eplicate perianths and Lejeunea talamancensis sp. nov. from Costa Rica (Lejeuneaceae)

Reiner-Drehwald, M.Elena Schäfer-Verwimp

Nova Hedwigia Band 87 Heft 3-4 (2008), p. 387 - 420

published: Nov 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2008/0087-0387

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A revision of the small genus Inflatolejeunea revealed that its diagnostic features, namely the inflated and eplicate perianths, are not sufficient to retain its status as a distinct genus or subgenus of Lejeunea. Likewise, the genus Macrolejeunea, which includes species with eplicate and with 5-keeled perianths, is not accepted at the generic level or as a subgenus of Lejeunea. A key to Lejeunea species with eplicate perianths from tropical America is provided along with descriptions and illustrations of most of these species, and several new synonyms and lectotypifications are proposed. Lejeunea talamancensis is described as new from Costa Rica. The Lejeunea species with eplicate perianths from America, Europe and Africa, including all taxa described under Inflatolejeunea, are presented in a table briefly summarizing our knowledge of this group of plants.


africacosta ricainflatolejeunealectotypificationlejeunealejeuneaceaeliverwortsmacrolejeuneanew speciessynonymstaxonomytropical america