Original paper

New suprageneric taxa of liverworts (Marchantiophyta) and mosses (Bryophyta)

Frey, Wolfgang; Stech, Michael

Nova Hedwigia Band 87 Heft 1-2 (2008), p. 261 - 267

published: Aug 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2008/0087-0261

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New suprageneric taxa of liverworts (Marchantiophyta) and mosses (Bryophyta) are described: Noterocladales stat. nov., Jamesoniellales ord. nov., Scapaniaceae subfam. Diplophylloideae stat. nov., Trichocoleales ord. nov., Blepharostomataceae stat. nov., Pseudolepicoleales ord. nov., Lophocoleales ord. nov., Jubulales ord. nov., and Bryowijkiaceae fam. nov. Mielichhoferioideae are transferred from Bryaceae to Mniaceae, including Pohlioideae syn. nov. These changes represent additions to recent synopses of suprageneric classifications of Marchantiophyta and Bryophyta, and result from reconsideration of molecular and/or morphological-anatomical data in the course of preparing a new edition of Engleŕs Syllabus of Plant Families.


marchantiophytabryophytasuprageneric classification