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Two new species of liverworts from the subantarctic Prince Edward Islands

Váňa, Jiří; Bednarek-Ochyra, Halina; Cykowska, Beata

Nova Hedwigia Band 89 Heft 1-2 (2009), p. 121 - 129

published: Jul 30, 2009

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2009/0089-0121

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Two new species of liverworts, Paracromastigum ryszardii Váňa, Bednarek-Ochyra & Cykowska (Lepidoziaceae) and Scapania valdonii Váňa, Bednarek-Ochyra & Cykowska (Scapaniaceae) are described from the Prince Edward Islands, a subantarctic archipelago situated in the Kerguelen Province of the south Indian Ocean sector. In P. ryszardii perianths were found to be produced in great profusion, whereas in S. valdonii only male plants were discovered but vegetative gemmae are produced in abundance at the margins of leaf lobes. The species are illustrated, their ecological requirements are described and their affinities are assessed.


paracromastigum ryszardiiscapania valdoniilepidoziaceaescapaniaceaemarchantiophytasubantarcticamarion islandprince edward islandtaxonomy