Original paper

Studies on New Zealand Hepaticae. 3955. More new taxa, combinations, typifications and synonymy in Plagiochila from New Zealand (Plagiochilaceae)

Engel, John J.; Merrill, Gary Smith L.

Nova Hedwigia Band 91 Heft 3-4 (2010), p. 501 - 517

published: Nov 1, 2010

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2010/0091-0501

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Several new taxa and new combinations, re-evaluations of previously published names and synonymy have resulted from our ongoing studies of the New Zealand Plagiochilaceae. The following new taxa are described: Plagiochila arbuscula var. rekohuensis J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., var. nov., P. circumdentata var. carinata J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., var. nov., P. deltoidea var. densa J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., var. nov., and P. gigantea var. inermis J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., var. nov. New combinations are Plagiochila colensoi var. quinquespina (Steph.) J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., P. incurvicolla var. lonchoscypha (Herzog) J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., and P. circinalis var. hemicardia (Hook.f. & Taylor) J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr. Plagiochila colensoi Hook.f. & Taylor replaces P. lyallii Mitt., P. incurvicolla (Hook.f. & Taylor) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees replaces P. hatcheri J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr., P. intertexta Hook.f. & Taylor replaces P. sinclairii Mitt., and P. pacifica Mitt. replaces P. kermadecensis J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr. Plagiochila aculeata (Hook.f. & Taylor) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees replaces P. baileyana sensu Inoue & R.M.Schust., and P. arbuscula (Brid. ex Lehm.) Lindenb. replaces P. obscura sensu Inoue & R.M.Schust. Plagiochila subflabellata Colenso is recognized as a species distinct from P. fasciculata Lindenb., and Plagiochila wattsiana J.J.Engel & G.L.Merr. is a new name for P. wattsii Steph. of New South Wales, Australia. A more extensive treatment will eventually appear in the New Zealand liverwort flora, but nomenclatural changes are being published separately in order that they may be made immediately available for use.


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