Original paper

Taxonomic revision of Balantiopsaceae (Marchantiophyta) of Colombia

Campos-Salazar, Laura Victoria; Uribe-M., Jaime


This paper presents the taxonomic treatment of Balantiopsaceae for Colombia. In Colombia, the family is represented by three genera: Isotachis, Neesioscyphus and Ruizanthus. A re-evaluation of the morpho-anatomical characters used to delimit species within these genera is presented. Seven species are recognized of which four belong to Isotachis, two to Neesioscyphus and one to Ruizanthus. Two species, I. lindigiana and I. mascula are treated as synonyms of I. serrulata, and I. tenax is synonymous to I. multiceps. Keys for the three genera and seven species, descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps are provided.