Original paper

A fruiting plant of Handeliobryum sikkimense (Bryopsida, Thamnobryaceae) from Yunnan, China

Ochyra, Ryszard; Shevock, James R.


A single fertile plant of Handeliobryum sikkimense was discovered in a collection made in Yunnan, China and the sporophyte is described and illustrated for the first time in this taxon. This monotypic genus is endemic to the Sino-Himalayan region and its current distribution is reviewed and mapped. The taxonomic position of H. sikkimense is discussed and this genus is considered to be a member of the family Thamnobryaceae, close to Hydrocryphaea. Some comment on rheophytic pleurocarpous mosses, with particular reference to production of sporophytes, is included.


asiabryophytahandeliobryumsino-himalayan regionneckeraceaehypnoid peristomerheophytesporophytesthamnobryaceae