Original paper

New and rare Myxomycetes of Ukraine 3. Forest and forest-steppe zone

Leontyev, Dmitry V.; Dudka, Irina O.; Kochergina, Anastasia V.; Kryvomaz, Tatiana I.


During the 2003-2010 summer-autumn seasons, myxomycete biodiversity was investigated in six National Nature Parks situated in forest and forest-steppe zone of Ukraine. Eight species and one variety were found as new for Ukraine; additional records were made for two species estimated as rare for the country. Descriptions, localities, information on substrata and microphotographs are presented for all these species. The new form Physarum globuliferum f. flavum Leontyev & Dudka is described on the basis of material collected in spruce forest in Synevyr National Nature Park (East Carpathians) and hornbeam forest in Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park (West Forest-Steppe region). It differs from the type form of the species by the bright golden-yellow colour of the stalk and lime nodes of the capillitium.