Original paper

Antipodal mosses: XVII. Bucklandiella longtonii (Bryopsida, Grimmiaceae), a new species with caducous leaf apices from subantarctic South Georgia

Bednarek-Ochyra, Halina; Ochyra, Ryszard


Bucklandiella longtonii Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra is described as a new species from a single specimen from subantarctic South Georgia. The species is readily distinguished from all congeners by its caducous leaf apices. This is the second case of this type of asexual reproduction in the genus Bucklandiella, the first being B. crumiana from New Zealand. In B. crumiana the caducous leaf apices are fleshy, solid and multistratose, whereas those in B. longtonii are plane and unistratose. The new species is known only in the barren state and it is tentatively placed in Bucklandiella sect. Marginatae on the basis of the areolation of the innermost perichaetial leaves and the shape of basal cells in the vegetative leaves.


bryophytabucklandiellagrimmiaceaeracomitriumsouth americasouth georgiasubantarcticataxonomy