Original paper

Interesting resupinate species of Rigidoporus from Brazil

Westphalen, Mauro C.; Silveira, Rosa Mara Borges da


During a survey of polypores carried out in Southern Brazil, two rare resupinate species of Rigidoporus were found. Rigidoporus crocatus is registered for the first time from Brazil and is characterized by the absence of cystidia. Rigidoporus undatus, a neotropical species that lacks descriptions in recent works, is characterized by isabelline pore surface and globose basidiospores. In this work both species are fully described, illustrated and compared to other similar species. Besides, Poria nigrescens, previously considered a synonym of R. crocatus, is synonymized with R. vinctus through type studies.


meripilaceaeneotropical fungapolyporalesxylophilous fungi