Original paper

Peniophora aluticolor (Fungi, Basidiomycota), an orphaned species restudied

Melo, Ireneia; Cardoso, José; Dueñas, Margarita; Salcedo, Isabel; Telleria, M. Teresa


Type specimens of Peniophora aluticolor Bres. & Torrend, an orphaned species described from Madeira, have been examined and the combination Phanerochaete aluticolor (Bres. & Torrend) Melo, J. Cardoso, M. Dueñas, Salcedo & Telleria is proposed. It can be separated from the related and the Mediterranean-distributed Ph. martelliana by smaller spores and thick-walled cystidia and subicular hyphae.


basidiomycotacorticioid funginew combinationphanerochaete