Original paper

High altitude Bryophytes from the Cordillera Real in Bolivia

Frey, Georg; Frey, Wolfgang; Kürschner, Harald


During a mountaineering expedition in 1973 to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia (Illampu, Huayna Potosi and Illimani mountain complexes) a bryophyte collection of a total of 451 specimens was made in the high altitudinal belt (Puna, andinoalpino and nival belt) of this mountain range between 4000 m and 5250 m. 7 liverwort species and 80 moss species were identified. Riccia sorocarpa, Bartramia ithyphylloides, and Aloinella cucullatifolia are recorded for the first time for Bolivia, and for quite a number of species the at present known upper limit of distribution is extended. The highest known upper limits of bryophytes recorded are c. 5000 m in liverworts (Stephaniella paraphyllina, 5000 m; Gymnocoleopsis multiflora, 5000 m), and 5800 m in mosses (Grimmia longirostris, 5800 m). The latter one represents the highest known collecting locality in Bolivia. Together with the "Catálogo de las Brifitas de Bolivia" (Churchill et al. 2009) the species list presented provide a solid base of the bryophyte flora and diversity of the high altitudinal regions (Puna, andinoalpino, nival belt) in Bolivia.


aloinella cucullatifoliabartramia ithyphylloidesboliviabryophytagrimmia longirostrishigh altitude bryophytesmarchantiophytariccia sorocarpa