Original paper

Two new species of Marasmius section Neosessiles (Marasmiaceae) from an Atlantic rain forest area of São Paulo State, Brazil

de Oliveira, Jadson José Souza; Capelari, Marina


Two new species, Marasmius cystidioccultus and Marasmius plenicystidiosus, are here described supposed to be included in Marasmius section Neosessiles. The former species has, as diagnostic characteristic, the moniliod shape of the pleurocystidia hidden in the hymenium layer while the latter one has conspicuous pleurocystidia filled of dense oil-like contents. Full description, taxonomic comments and detailed illustrations are provided for both taxa. This is certainly an important contribution for the section Neosessiles, a less studied group within the genus Marasmius, which is one of the largest genera of Agaricales. Both taxa were collected from Atlantic rain forest, largely rich in biodiversity in Brazil.