Original paper

Three new Pronectria species in terricolous and saxicolous microlichen communities (Bionectriaceae, Ascomycota)

Khodosovtsev, Alexander; Vondrák, Jan; Naumovich, Anna; Kocourková, Jana; Vondráková, Olga; Motiejnait, Jurga


Three new species of Bionectriaceae are described; (1) Pronectria algicola grows within Gloeocystis-like algal crusts with Steinia geophana and Sarcosagium campestre; (2) P. caloplacae is lichenicolous on areoles of Caloplaca austrocitrina; (3) P. diplococca grows in squamules of Collema spp. The latter species has early dissolving asci and 1-septate ascospores disintegrating into simple globose mature ascospore fragments. Fragmentation of ascospores appears in three additional species of Pronectria. A key to the known Pronectria species is provided.


ascospore fragmentationbionectriaceaehypocrealeslichenicolous fungimicrobial crustsordariomycetes