Original paper

New species and record of Corynesporopsis and Hemicorynespora from southern China

Ma, Jian; Ma, Li-Guo; Zhang, Yi-Dong; Castañeda-Ruíz, Rafael F.; Zhang, Xiu-Guo


Two new conidial fungi, Corynesporopsis liquidambaris sp. nov. and Hemicorynespora dimocarpi sp. nov., occurring on dead branches of Liquidambar formosana and Dimocarpus longgana, respectively, are described and illustrated. The first species is characterized by its terminal monotretic conidiogenous cells with short catenate, naviculiform to ellipsoidal, medianly 1-septate conidia. The second species differs from the previously described Hemicorynespora species in mitre-shaped to elongate-oval conidia with a conspicuous truncate basal papilla. H. clavata is recorded for the first time from China. A key to Hemicorynespora species is provided.


anamorphic fungihyphomycetestaxonomy