Original paper

Current taxonomic assignments of benthic marine macroalgal collections made by Charles Darwin while on the H. M. S. Beagle, with the addition of "Laurencia papillosa"

Wynne, Michael J.


A current taxonomic list of the species of benthic marine macroalgae ("seaweeds") collected by Charles Darwin while on the voyage of the H. M. S. Beagle is reviewed, as well as the locations where these collections were made and information on the authors who described or reported on these collections. A total of 21 taxa are listed: Caulerpa webbiana, Chaetomorpha coliformis, Halimeda macroloba, H. opuntia, Stypocaulon funiculare, Amphiroa beauvoisii, Arthrocardia variabilis, Bossiella chiloensis, B. orbigniana, Corallina officinalis var. chilensis, C. officinalis var. caloclada, Heterosiphonia berkeleyi, Jania micrarthrodia, J. rosea, Lithothamnion scabiosum, Metagoniolithon stelliferum, Neogoniolithon mamillare, and Palisada perforata. His records of Melobesia darwinii and M. polymorpha are of uncertain identity, and the report of Melobesia calcarea [now known as Phymatolithon calcareum] from the Galápagos is regarded as an incorrect determination. Most of these species have been previously compiled in the literature, but Darwin's collection of "Laurencia papillosa", currently Palisada perforata, from Fernando Noronha, Brazil, is added to the list. The current taxonomic assignments of these collections are also provided.


darwinh.m.s. beaglemarine algaepalisada perforatacorallinaceae