Original paper

A taxonomic study of genus Brachythecium Schimp. (Brachytheciaceae, Bryophyta) in the Mediterranean region

Orgaz, J. David; Cano, María Jesús; Guerra, Juan


The moss genus Brachythecium (Brachytheciaceae) is taxonomically revised for the Mediterranean area, based on morphological information. Fourteen species are recognised. Lectotypes for Brachythecium geheebii Milde, Hypnum glareosum Bruch ex Spruce and Hypnum mildeanum Schimp. are designated. A key to the species of the Mediterranean region as well as descriptions, illustrations and distribution data are provided. New records for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, France and Slovenia reported.


brachytheciaceaebrachytheciumbryophytesdistributionmediterranean areataxonomytypifications