Original paper

Austral Hepaticae 48. Goebelobryum Grolle (Acrobolbaceae)

Engel, John J.; Glenny, David


Goebelobryum vermiculare sp. nov. is added to the genus Goebelobryum described by Grolle (1962) for two species, G. unguiculatum (Hook. f. & Taylor) Grolle of New Zealand and Australia, and G. grossitextum (Steph.) Grolle, endemic to Western Australia. The new species has been previously included within G. unguiculatum, and occurs in New Zealand and Australia. In Australia it is confined to Tasmania, while in New Zealand it occurs in both North, South, and Chatham islands, on nutrient-poor soils that support heathlands and rushlands that are periodically burnt and contain species adapted to recovery after burning. Goebelobryum vermiculare appears to be such a fire-adapted species.


acrobolbaceaeaustraliagoebelobryumliverwortnew speciesnew zealandrestionaceae