Original paper

The first discovery of an encysted chrysophyte in Africa: Dinobryon sertularia Ehrenb. from Cameroon

Piątek, Jolanta; Pitek, Marcin; Mossebo, Dominique C.


Encysted specimens of Dinobryon sertularia Ehrenb., observed in the material collected from a small man-made pond in a secondary grassland in eastern Cameroon, are described and illustrated using light and scanning electron microscopy. The cyst produced by this chrysophyte species is described as a new morphotype (stomatocyst #48 Piątek J.) using International Statospore Working Group (ISWG) guidelines. This is the first discovery of an encysted chrysophyte in Africa and the first connection of Dinobryon sertularia with its stomatocyst documented by means of both LM and SEM observations.


africabiological affinitycameroonchrysophytesdinobryonpaleotropicsstomatocyst