Original paper

A new species of Ceratolejeunea Jack & Steph. (Lejeuneaceae, Jungermanniopsida) from a remnant of Amazonian forest in Maranhão, Brazil

Brito, Eliete da Silva; Ilkiu-Borges, Anna Luiza


During a study of the bryophytes from Amazonia Maranhense, in a remnant of non-flooded forest in Mirinzal municipality (Maranhão, Brazil), an unknown species of Ceratolejeunea was collected. It showed few morphological differences to Ceratolejeunea laetefusca (Austin) R.M.Schust. in the gametophyte, but characters of the perianth suggested that the species is new for science. This paper aims to describe and illustrate this new species, comparing it with related taxa. Ceratolejeunea maranhensis belongs to the genus Ceratolejeunea by possessing dark pigmented plants (light brown to brown), leaves with basal ocelli, orange-brown pigmented cell walls, and horned perianths. The new species belongs to the subgenus Caduciloba R.M.Schust. because of bifid underleaves and perianth horns not bulbous. It differs from the other members of the genus by possessing perianths with four low horns apically ornamented by 2-3 cilia or lacinia each, and with surface made up by mammillose and thick-walled cells. This unique condition separates the new species from the morphologically closely related Ceratolejeunea laetefusca and C. cubensis (Mont.) Schiffn.