Original paper

Two new tomentelloid fungi (Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes) from Papua New Guinea

Yorou, Nourou Soulemane; Paroll, Claudia; Treu, Roland; Agerer, Reinhard


Tomentella badioincrustata and T. papuae are described as new species from Papua New Guinea. Tomentella badioincrustata is characterized by the presence of dimitic, slightly differentiated rhizomorphs with smooth chlamydospores (18-25 μm × 18-20 μm) on their surface, large incrusted subicular (up to 10 μm broad) and subhymenial hyphae (up to 7 μm broad), and irregularly globose to ellipsoid (in frontal view), light brown basidiospores (6-8 μm × 6-7 μm). In addition to chlamydospores, the presence of red-brown pigments on subicular and subhymenial hyphae and the amyloid reaction of some subicular, subhymenial and young basidia are typical features of T. badioincrustata. Tomentella papuae has thick-walled, smooth subicular hyphae (up to 8 μm diameter) and triangular to lobed, light brown basidiospores of 5-8 μm × 5-6 μm. T. badioincrustata was compared in detail with the similar species T. subamyloidea, while T. papuae was contrasted with the similar species T. atrorubra and T. coerulea.


chlamydosporesamyloiditytomentellapapua new guinea