Original paper

A conspectus of the lichen genus Candelariella (Candelariaceae, Ascomycota) in Southwest Asia with emphasis on Iran

Westberg, Martin; Sohrabi, Mohammad


A total of 15 Candelariella species are listed from Iran, mainly from the north and north-west parts of the country. Four species are reported new to Iran; C. aggregata, C. lutella, C. kansuensis and C. rosulans. Candelariella oleifera is synonymised with C. rosulans which together with C. aggregata is reported from Asia for the first time. In addition C. aggregata is reported new to Tajikistan and C. antennaria new to Afghanistan. Candelariella kuusamoënsis is lectotypified. An overview of the genus in south-west Asia is provided, mainly based on literature reports. A preliminary key to Candelariella in the region is provided.


candelarialesiranlecanoromyceteslichenslichenized fungisouthwest asia