Original paper

Favolaschia species (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from Ecuador and Panama

Gillen, Kerstin; Laessøe, Thomas; Kirschner, Roland; Piepenbring, Meike


Based on recent collections from Ecuador and Panama and on type studies, 16 species of Favolaschia (Mycenaceae, Agaricales), including one new to science, are presented with detailed descriptions and illustrations. Favolaschia macropora is described as new from a bamboo species from Panama. Favolaschia cinnabarina and F. gaillardii probably are synonyms. Six species are recorded from Ecuador and seven from Panama with F. andina, F. aurantiaca, and F. gaillardii being new to Ecuador and F. andina, F. aurantiaca, F. cinnabarina and F. heliconiae to Panama. A synoptic key is presented containing data from this study and the literature. New DNA sequences (nuc LSU rDNA) from five species from Panama are used in molecular-phylogenetic analyses. Standards for future species descriptions are outlined. Problems with literature, concepts on species diversity, and distinguishing characteristics are discussed.