Original paper

Cancellidium and Canalisporium (Hyphomycetes) from China

Zhao, Guozhu; Yu, Pan; Liu, Xingzhong


Studies on Cancellidium and Canalisporium in China has yielded 6 taxa. They are Cancellidium applanatum, Canalisporium caribense, C. elegans, C. kenyense, C. microsporum and C. nigrum. Canalisporium microsporum sp. nov., is characterized by brown, small conidia with two rows of cells, and conspicuous constrictions at the septa. Canalisporium nigrum sp. nov. is characterized by flattened, muriform, dark brown conidia with two rows of cells. Descriptions and illustrations of all taxa are provided, and similarities or differences with morphologically close taxa are discussed.


anamorphic ascomycotafungisordariomycetestaxonomy