Original paper

Inocephalus (Entolomataceae, Agaricales) from São Paulo State, Brazil

Karstedt, Fernanda; Capelari, Marina


The genus Inocephalus, when considered with its synonyms, comprises a large number of species that are geographically distributed in the tropics and subtropics. However, publications that report findings species belonging to this genus in Brazil are rare. A survey of the family Entolomataceae is in progress at three conservation units located in the São Paulo metropolitan area (Parque Estadual da Cantareira, Parque Estadual das Fontes do Ipiranga and Reserva Biológica de Paranapiacaba), and this study reports the results pertaining to the genus Inocephalus. Nine species were discovered, four of these taxa are new to science, Inocephalus cervinus, I. mucronatus, I. tenuis and I. glycosmus var. paranapiacabensis, four are new combinations, Inocephalus azureoviridis, I. cystidiophorus, I. dennisii and I. flavotinctus and one species, I. virescens, is a new citation for the São Paulo metropolitan area. Descriptions, notes, drawings, SEM images and macroscopic colour pictures of the basidiomata are provided, including analysis of the Inocephalus azureoviridis, I. dennisii, I. glycosmus and I. virescens types.


basidiomycotaagaricomycetesneotropical fungisouth americataxonomy