Original paper

A new species of the genus Mallomonas found in the national wetland preserve in Zhenbaodao, Heilongjiang, northeast China

Ma, Cheng-xue; Wei, Yin-xin


We describe a new species of Mallomonas, M. asymmetrica sp. nov., belonging to the class Synurophyceae, was found in acidic clear water, in an oligotrophic water body, located in the National Wetland Preserve of Zhenbaodao, Heilongjiang, China. M. asymmetrica, I would suggest to raise the new section for this species, but need more data (e.g.molecular data) is available. Scales are highly asymmetr ic , with one lateral edge of the V-rib being much longer than the other, and the anterior flanges of both the body scales and the rear scales showed a row of regularly spaced small pores along the anterior submarginal rib. The ultrastructure of the scales and bristles of this organism is described and illustrated by transmission electron micrographs.


mallomonasnew specieszhenbaodaomallomonas asymmetrica