Original paper

Endophytic yeasts of Coffea arabica and Vitis labrusca cv. Isabel from Pernambuco, Brazil

de Lima, Thaís Emanuelle Feijó; de Oliveira, Rafael José Vilela; Neves, Rejane Pereira; Bezerra, José Luiz; de Cavalcanti, Maria Auxiliadora Queiroz


Endophytic fungi colonize healthy tissue of the host plant without causing disease symptoms. The objective of this sudy was to identify endophytic yeasts isolated from leaves of Coffea arabica and Vitis labrusca cv. Isabel. From June 2009 to July 2010, healthy, mature leaves of C. arabica and V. labrusca cv. Isabel were collected in Pernambuco, Brazil. Four endophytic yeasts were isolated from healthy leaves and identified based on physiological and morphological characteristics: Rhodotorula acheniorum, Rh. aurantiaca, Rh. glutinis and Rh. mucilaginosa from grapevine and Rh. aurantiaca from coffee.