Original paper

On the identity of Dicranoweisia tenuis (Bryophyta, Seligeriaceae), a neglected Indian species

Ochyra, Ryszard; Bednarek-Ochyra, Halina


Dicranoweisia tenuis J.P.Srivastava, a forgotten and poorly known species of moss described from the Himalayan region of northern India is taxonomically assessed. Evaluation of its gametophyte and sporophyte characters revealed that it is inseparable from Symblepharis vaginata (Harv.) Wijk & Margad. var. microtheca (S.E.Salmon) Gangulee of the Dicranaceae and both names have to be considered synonymous. Some nomenclatural issues associated with the correct authorship of Didymodon vaginatus Hook. ex Harv., the basionym of Symblepharis vaginata, are discussed and it is shown that the name should be ascribed to William H. Harvey ('Harv.'), not William J. Hooker ('Hook.') as commonly accepted in the bryological literature. Two new combinations are proposed, Symblepharis vaginata var. macrospora (E.S.Salmon) Ochyra & Bednarek-Ochyra, comb. nov. and S. vaginata var. tenuis (E.S.Salmon) Ochyra & Bednarek-Ochyra and confusion associated with valid publication of the former variety and S. vaginata var. microtheca (E.S.Salmon) Gangulee is clarified.