Original paper

Current knowledge and importance of the order Gomphales (Fungi: Basidiomycota) in Mexico

González-Ávila, Patricia Astrid; Luna-Vega, Isolda; Ríos, Margarita Villegas; Saade, Rafael Lira; Blanco, Joaquín Cifuentes


Those species belonging to the order Gomphales (Fungi: Basidiomycota) are widely distributed, but most of them have been recorded in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. This study presents the current knowledge and importance of this taxon in Mexico. Herbarium records, published works, institutional databases and personal collections in Mexico show that this order is represented in the country by 10 genera and 92 species, which chiefly inhabit temperate montane forests, although it is also represented at low altitudes. Traditionally, more than half of the species have a nutritional value among the different ethnic groups that inhabit Mexico. It is also known that many of the species are ectomycorrhizal. In comparison with other groups of Basidiomycota, there is little taxonomic knowledge about the species of this order, due chiefly to the lack of specialists on the group. Conservation of the members of this order is important for maintaining the delicate balance of temperate Mexican forests, mainly coniferous ones, which require association with fungi for their survival.


clavariadelphusgomphusramariaectomycorrhizaeedible fungi