Original paper

First account of native and alien macroalgal biodiversity at Andros Island (Greece, Eastern Mediterranean)

Tsiamis, Konstantinos; Economou-Amilli, Athena; Katsaros, Christos; Panayotidis, Panayotis


Marine benthic macroalgae populations have been qualitatively and quantitatively studied for the first time from the eastern coasts of Andros Island (Aegean Sea, Greece). Samples were collected from rocky shores at the capital city (Andros Village) and nearby sites. A total of 113 taxa were identified, comprising of 24 Chlorophyta, 23 Ochrophyta and 66 Rhodophyta. A bushy phycocommunity dominated by geniculate red algae was observed at sites at a distance from 'Andros Village', whilst at the latter the alien macroalgae Codium fragile subsp. fragile and Asparagopsis taxiformis prevailed. These taxa exhibited invasive behavior locally displaying extremely high abundances. The canopy forming Cystoseira species were present at all studied sites but only in low abundances.


macroalgaecommunitychecklistinvasive speciesaegean sea