Original paper

Cholnokyella aerophila J. C. Taylor & Lange-Bertalot gen. et spec. nov. A new diatom (Bacillariophyceae) from sandstone caves in South Africa

Taylor, Jonathan C.; Lange-Bertalot, Horst


Algae samples were collected off the moist walls of a sandstone overhang in the south eastern Free State, South Africa. The samples were dominated by Nostoc spp., the colonies of which were up to 10 mm thick. A number of diatom species were found living in-between the Nostoc colonies, one of which is new to science. Cholnokyella aerophila is described as a new genus and species based on the unique characteristics of this taxon, the chief of these being the overall cell shape – cruciform, the structure of the single plastid as well as the external cell surface morphology (protruding folds of silica) and the structure of the areolae. The structure of the raphe, plastid and areolae bears some resemblance to genera that have already been described (e.g. Cavinula, Diadesmis, Placoneis and Sellaphora); however, these characters are uniquely combined in this novel taxon.


bacillariophytabiraphidmorphologynew genussouth africa